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Letter of Guarantee

A program of letters of guarantee and accounts of letters of guarantee for corporate management, and a program of accounts for contracting, and it includes the warehouse program, the sales program, and the personnel affairs program (ERP).

Letter of Guarantee Program

برامج محاسبية

This system is designed to facilitate and track all types of letters of guarantee from issuing, renewing, increasing, decreasing and canceling.

Features of Letters of Guarantee Program

Know the types of letters of guarantee (primary - final - advance payment)

Linking letters of guarantee to supply orders and tenders

Defining the percentages of bank expenses for each bank separately at the level of the type of letter of guarantee, including the percentage of cover, heightening, and expenses

Determining the maximum credit limit for issuing letters of guarantee within each bank separately

Duty cycle

A full cycle of the letter of guarantee, starting with the request to issue a letter of guarantee directly or by uploading the data of the supply order in local or foreign currency and its type (initial - final - down payment)

Issuing a letter of guarantee and linking it with the public accounts program

Increase the letter of guarantee by increasing the value of the letter

Reducing the letter of guarantee in case of reducing the value

Extending the letter of guarantee in case the duration of the letter of guarantee exceeds the period specified in the issuance and settlement of accounts Termination of the letter of guarantee

خطابات ضمان

Inventory of existing letters of guarantee

Inventory of expired letters of guarantee

Follow up on letters of guarantee

Report of requests to issue letters of guarantee

Letter of Guarantee Scheme

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