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An advanced personnel and personnel affairs program that saves you time and effort to manage everything related to HR and human resources. Managing your company's personnel has never been so easy

Personnel Program

Personnel, Personnel and Human Resources Program

The time you spend following up on personnel affairs is the time that does not return, and the development of institutions comes from the start of the work cadres that manage the implementation of the daily work requirements, and in our desire to participate in achieving the development of your organization, we offer you ideal solutions for managing time, wages and salaries through the human resources program and The personnel affairs program that contains advanced applications, all this in the personnel affairs program from DoubleClick

Building the staff structure in a flexible and infinite tree shape commensurate with the size of the facility, whatever its size

Opening a comprehensive file for each employee with the addition of all data for the employee containing

Personal data: code - name - gender - date of birth - phone - mobile - address - e-mail - marital status - type of identification - place, number and date of issue - bank account number - dealing bank

Add a picture of the employee

Upload and attach photos of all the justifications for the appointment of each employee

Registering the data of delegates and foreign workers, with specifying the data of the assignment authority

Registration of the accompanying data

Features of the Personnel, Personnel and Human Resources Program

Registration of driving licenses data and setting dates for their renewal

Determining the bodies issuing the justifications for the appointment

Defining job types, specifying the criteria for evaluating each job and the job tasks for each

Defining the company's penalty list and determining the deduction from the salary corresponding to these penalties when the penalty is repeated more than once

Definition of academic qualifications and job rank

Defining the departments and their subdivisions within each department

Determine the insurance offices to which the company belongs

Duty cycle

Create a directory of training courses and specify the contents of each training course and related expenses

Full follow-up to the cycle of papers (appointment rationales) and the destinations for their extraction

Transferring an employee from one department/department to another

Defining a plan to meet business goals by identifying current and future needs and organizing training to place the right employee in the right place

Promotion of employees and the subsequent change in salary items

Evaluate the performance of employees based on the criteria for evaluating each job and the subsequent determination of rewards or discounts for the employee

Registration of receipt and return of covenant and cars

Registration of procedures for renewing private licenses and vehicle licenses

Personnel, personnel and human resources program reports

Course cost report

paper procedures report

Covenant Report

public papers

Employee's CV

Employee data

Report cards / licenses to employees

Employee Promotions Report

Personnel preparation report

Expired cards and licenses report

Staff evaluation report

Site Receipt Report

Employee Sanctions Report

Project delivery report

Employee Evaluation Matrix Report

Passport Form Report

Dedicated End of Service Benefit Report

Termination report

Detailed employee data report

Auto Era Report

Expired car licenses report

Auto data report

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