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Time Attendance

The employee attendance and departure program is the ideal solution for managing time, wages, salaries, attendance and departure times for employees with complete ease from Double Click.

Time Attendance Program

Reviewing employee attendance and departure data to correct entry errors in accordance with the user's authorizations

Possibility to record group vacations, such as departmental maintenance vacations

Possibility to increase the leave balance at any time

Registering missions and special permissions, taking into account the time of calculation (beginning of a day - middle of the day - end of the day - a day or more)

Calculating attendance and leaving and posting the results to the wages and salaries program to convert hours into entitlements and deductions

The possibility of canceling the posting of an employee/employees to correct the attendance and departure data and then reposting to the wages and salaries program

Program Advantages

Do not waste a lot of valuable time in following up on personnel affairs after today. Our keenness to participate in the development of your organization makes us provide the best solutions for managing time, salaries and wages. The development of institutions starts from the work cadres that manage the implementation of daily work tasks and the employee attendance and departure program from Double Click saves your time and provides you with what you need to manage successful human resources.

Flexibility in scheduling work at all levels of the job structure in a way that allows setting daily work schedules for attendance and departure, rest times and periods for calculating overtime and official holidays, with defining grace periods after the date of attendance and before the date of departure

Control the way the appointment schedule is shown (daily - weekly - monthly)

Possibility to set working hours temporarily (ending on a specified date or after a specified number of days)

Setting work schedules for managers that differ from other working hours, with the definition that they are special dates

Determining the days of the week for which working hours are applicable

Continuous daily appointments without end

Repeat every week on specific days

Repeat every month (such as the 4th of every month)

Repeat every month with a specific period (such as today... of every month - Tuesdays of every month -......)

Repeat annually with a specific day (eg Christmas holiday January 7 of each year)

Determining the start date of the appointments and specifying the end of the appointments (continuous - ending after a number of days - ending at a specific date)

Linking appointment schedules to employees as a whole for departments and sections or individually at the employee level

Registration of procedures for renewing private licenses and vehicle licenses

Detailed attendance and departure

Detailed attendance and departure results

Exit and entry report for non-work

Illustration for attendance

Attendance and Leave Results Total Attendance Report

Report absent employees during a period

Daily absence of departments

Daily absence of employees

Labor turnover report

Employee return report

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