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Stock Control

The most powerful inventory program in the market that supports the characteristics of different items such as food, medicine, metals, etc., and works with periodic or continuous inventory methods, and supports different inventory cost policies (moving average cost, first in, first out)

Stock Control Program

Double click warehouse program was prepared to serve companies and commercial establishments, track inventory and warehouses, and give management the ability to easily follow up on the multi-activities and branches work. DoubleClick is a reliable warehouse and warehouse control program!

Features of Warehouse Program and Double Click Warehouse Program

Adding and defining varieties in a tree form without a maximum for vertical and horizontal branches

Linking the item to cost centers and the possibility of distributing the value of one item to various cost centers

Dealing with an unlimited number of stores and warehouses without a maximum

Support for aggregation items used in production

Define a minimum, maximum and reorder policy for each item with each store

Defining all types of inventory movements by the user (sales, purchases, sales returns, purchases, damaged items, gifts, and support for different exchange policies at the level of each item (whatever comes first, gets first out - weighted average cost - service items)

Defining the characteristics of the item to be used when adding and discharging (expiration date - lot number - part number)

Definition of aggregative items consisting of a group of other items, with specifying the proportion/quantity of components for each component

An infinite definition of the different units of measurement with linking the item to a basic unit of measurement and other sub-units such as (quantity, weight and volume) to be added and exchanged with any of them

Definition of more than one code for the same category (supplier code - store code - international code - old code ... etc).

برنامج مخازن للمخازن

Monitor warehouses in the program

Recording transfer requests from warehouses, and they are implemented in one of the following ways:

برنامج المخازن و المستودعات

Recording transfer requests from warehouses, and they are implemented in one of the following ways:

Indirect transfer (exchange from the warehouse transferred from it - then reviewing the transfer data - then adding to the warehouse it is transferred to)

Transferring from several warehouses to the warehouse to be transferred to)

Make an inventory of the items in the store to determine the difference between the actual and the book at the level of quantity and value

The ability to review the item with more than one balance (total balance - reserved balance - balance of goods on the road - balance under production - balance available for exchange)

Recording reservation of items from stores based on sales orders from the sales program

The definition of items includes the item's image, characteristics, gift policy (bonuses), substitutes and components

Adding and defining items with or without coding (by name or by searching for it with part of the name

Adding a nickname for each item in addition to the original name that appears when used in bills, invoices and reports

Adding items in quantities without values ​​to deal with the delay in purchasing documents, and when adding the price later, all that was spent is re-evaluated according to the exchange policy followed for each item

link with General Accounts Program One of two methods (continuous inventory - periodic inventory)

Hide/Show columns of values ​​in warehouse softwareAt the level of each screen and report according to the powers of the user

Full support for item barcodes with use when adding, exchanging, selling and buying

Control the linkage with other programs such as sales and purchases, and determine the method of linking (invoices and permissions are generated from them - permissions first and then the associated invoices are created)

Link items to suppliers to use supplier items (SAL) when requesting quotations and purchase orders

Adding special properties to the item and controlling it, for example: color and size.

برنامج المخازن و المستودعات

periodic inventory system

برنامج المخازن و المستودعات

It is a stock evaluation system at the end of the accounting period and when preparing financial reports, and its aim is to inventory the quantity available in the organization's stores and showrooms. That is, the inventory is manually counted once at the end of the period.

The value of the inventory is determined periodically (usually every year) by taking a physical inventory and multiplying the number of units by the cost of one unit to estimate the value of the available inventory' and then this amount is recognized as a current asset, and this balance remains unchanged until the next inventory is made. And inventory returns during the period covered by the financial statements to expense accounts, and the cost of goods sold during the year is determined as follows: beginning inventory + purchases - purchase returns - ending inventory This method is characterized as: - Easy to apply - low costs.

Continuous inventory

برنامج المخازن و المستودعات

It is a system in which the stock is continuously evaluated, and the aim is to limit the quantity and cost of the goods sold on a continuous basis, and thus limit the value of the remaining stock in the stores and showrooms of the institution in a special account for the stock. That is, the inventory is automatically counted after each exchange, supply, sale or purchase. Inventory records are updated every time a transaction involving inventory occurs, and thus there will always be daily information available about the quantity and cost of the available stock, which helps the facility to provide better customer service and control in a way. Best on this stock.

This method requires keeping an assistant ledger, annually or using the DoubleClick warehouse and warehouse program, with a separate record for each inventory item that includes a detailed statement of all movements in quantity and cost. This secondary record is linked to the inventory general ledger account, and matches are made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of records. accounting.

Inventory control reports

Total inventory movements

Validity item balances

Detailed items expiration date

Total item expiration date

List of items close to expiration

Item List

Item Balances

Item Review Balance

Detailed movement class

Category Card

Items matrix

warehouse record

Monthly movement of items

Daily Incoming Monitoring

Item balances report part number

Item Ingredients

Receipt of purchase order

Detailed item conversion


delegate operations

An analysis of the movements of those dealing with items

An analysis of the movement of items with the dealers

Expenditures on stores total

The cost of import shipments

Collecting add and exchange permissions

Customer booking analytics

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