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Double Click Sales Program A follow-up program for customer accounts that includes all sales management and account operations, starting with the sales invoice, returns vouchers, discount vouchers and additions

Sales Program

The best sales program and sales account program ever, as it records the daily movement of sales, such as sales movement, debit and credit settlements, sales returns, and registration of supply orders and quotations, to automatically obtain the financial situation with customers through numerous inquiries and various reports (in detail or in total) and analyzes of movement statements Daily sales, customer accounts statements and their dues, the evolution of sales movement and profitability at the level of: the customer, item or representative, as well as the expected cash flows.

Features of DoubleClick Sales Program

Building a complete directory for the customer record and the data it contains in an infinite-branched tree form

Determining the commercial information for each customer such as the opening balance, (according to the debt age, tax card number and commercial register)

Credit limit and customer relationship with discounts and taxes

Building a complete guide for sales representatives and supervisors, specifying the method for calculating the representative’s commission

Adding a picture of the item to appear with it when making a price quote

Definition of books used in sales, returns, discount and addition notices

A sales program that records all types of sales, with the identification of a base for linking with accounts and the impact of this on customer accounts statements

Define price lists and link them to customers

Setting a minimum and maximum selling price for the item, as well as determining the selling price for the item based on the sold quantity

Establishing a gift policy (bonuses) for sold items to be automatically disbursed upon sale

Adding taxes and discounts to invoices automatically or manually

برنامج حساب مبيعات

electronic invoice

الفاتوره الالكترونيه

In the context of converting the paper invoice into an electronic invoice that is registered on the website of the Egyptian Tax Authority, it was necessary for all companies to convert their sales invoices into electronic invoices, and in order for this transfer to take place, there were some requirements that must be met in the electronic invoice

Establishment of customer data to comply with the requirements of the IRS

Type of customer: through this option, the type of customer is determined (natural person - Egyptian commercial company - foreign)

Tax registration number: The tax registration number consisting of 9 digits is written

Address: Through the branches tab, the customer's address is entered in detail

Coding items

The Global Classification Code (GS1) is registered for each item to comply with the requirements of the IRS

Coding value added tax

It is encoded with a master code (T1) according to the conditions of the IRS

It is also coded with a subcode according to the item sold on the invoice

الفاتوره الالكترونيه

More than one invoice can be sent with one click through the electronic invoice sending screen

After sending, a single number is obtained for each invoice (UUID), which is a number sent from the IRS website

sales cycle

دورة برنامج المبيعات

Recording the quotations submitted to customers and then converting them to sales orders to save time and effort

Linking sales orders to reservations from stock and then disbursing from stores Linking sales invoices to supply orders

Linking with work orders and exchange permissions from warehouses

Recording all types of local and foreign cash and deferred sales. Appearance of the customer’s balance when the invoice is started and an immediate update of the balance when saving the invoice

Recording expenses related to invoices and distributing them in an appropriate manner in order to affect the cost of goods sold

Determining the policy of linking sales and inventory based on the types of sales (sales and then permission to exchange - permission to exchange first and then invoices)

Determining the policy for dealing with customers (the due date) to appear on the invoice automatically (or manually adding the due date to the invoice) and the subsequent impact on the debt aging reports

Printing sales invoices and their effects on accounts, journal entries, and customer account statements

Controlling the form of previewing and printing the invoice to suit the nature of the company and its external dealings with customers

Recording sales returns

Registration of discount and addition notices and settlement between customers

برنامج حسابات العملاء

Selling methods are divided into two types that can be used, one or both of them depending on the nature of the activity. Double Click ERP provides you with the different methods of selling as follows:

The sales invoice, which results in a payment authorization

In this case, the sales invoice is issued, and it results directly in an exchange permission for the stores and a daily entry in the general accounts, and the effect is directly on the item cards, customer accounts statement, and all reports related to the sales account.

This method is simple and integrated through the invoice window only and may be useful for businesses selling items and merchandise from the same store.

فاتورة برنامج المبيعات وينتج عنها اذن صرف

Providing the service (delivery of goods) and then issuing the sales invoice

In this case, the goods are delivered to the customer by issuing exchange vouchers first, and then transferred to a sales invoice later.

This method, although divided into two steps, is characterized by accuracy as a result of first disbursing from the stores and making sure that the customer receives the goods through the record of goods receipt.

Large companies that have a lot of branches and stores rely on this method.

فاتورة برنامج المبيعات وينتج عنها اذن صرف

supply order cycle

When registering a supply order for a customer, the program checks the balance of the items in the store, which results in one of two possibilities:

1. There is a stock in the store, so the items are reserved on the supply order.

2. There is no balance in the store, and this results in a request for exchange.

برنامج حساب مبيعات

warehouse reservation

The items are reserved from the warehouse for the purpose of disbursing them later to the entities for which the items are reserved, such as customers or production lines, and the reservation from the warehouse is linked to a period of time that the user can specify. Booking methods within the system:

1. It is not linked to a document that precedes it, and in this case it is a manual reservation from the store.

2. A reservation based on a supply order for a customer.

3. Reservation based on a production order (reservation for raw materials). Cancellation of reservation:

The reservation will be canceled in the event of the expiry of the period specified for it:

1 . Automatically in the event that the reservation was the result of another document, the reservation will be canceled as soon as the document is canceled, such as canceling the supply order / production order.

2. Manually in case of manual reservation only.

برنامج حساب مبيعات

Sales program reports and customer accounts

The account statement for the client is considered one of the technical innovations, through which the most important details that help the accountant to review the client’s indebtedness are accurately reviewed and one of the most important of these features

View the sales invoice details of items, discounts and taxes by pressing (+) to open the invoice details through the wonderful (Drill Down) tool

View the checks owed by the customer and the possibility of knowing the status of each check (in the box - collector - at the bank - bounce - cash on checks)

View the details of the sales returns voucher of items, discounts and taxes by pressing (+) to open the details of the return voucher through the wonderful (Drill Down) tool

Reviewing warehouse exchange vouchers for which sales invoices have not been issued

You can access the sales invoice or any of the documents in the account statement by clicking on the document number through the wonderful (Drill Through) tool

كشف الحساب
كشف الحساب

customer audit balance

Sales statement

Ages of debt

Review customer credit limits


Dealer Directory

Balance adjustment notices record

Sales discounts

Detailed item sales

Item Review Balance

Monthly item sales

Average selling price of items

Customer Sales Analytics with Items

Analytics sales items with customers

Detailed payment of sales invoices

Group sales analytics

price list

Item Balances at Selling Price

sales history

net daily sales

profitability of items

Cost of free items

customer profitability

Delegates' profit

profitability of services

collecting supply orders

supply order position

Cash flows from the sales order

supply order position

Bid Record

Record of sales orders

Monthly Reps Sales

Delegates Trial Balance

Delegates' commission

Analytics Sales Representatives with Items

Analytical sales reps with clients

net sales of delegates

Sales growth rate analysis

Sales Traffic Summary

sales tax

Sales tax return

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