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The procurement and suppliers system, which includes all the specifications needed to manage the daily work in your favorite way in an easy and simplified manner, as you can obtain any information

Purchasing Program

Complete management of the purchase cycle within the institution, starting from registering an exchange request for items to find out what is in stock, then issuing a purchase requisition for items that are not available in the institution, to issuing purchase orders to suppliers, passing through the proof of purchase invoices of all kinds and forms, whether purchase invoices for goods or services with the possibility of downloading those purchases With some of the expenses that were spent on it, such as transportation costs - Mashal, with a direct impact on the costs of the purchased items. This system is directly linked with the system of public accounts, stores, payments, contracting and all other programs.

Procurement cycle

دورة المشتريات

Purchase order: It is like a purchase requisition, but it is internal used to request any type of different departments.
An item in stock may be requested, so the purchase requisition is converted into an exchange request by choosing an exchange request and choosing the store.

Quotation: All offers submitted by suppliers are recorded, and the best price, the best supply period and the best payment method are selected.

Purchase order PO: The purchase order is automatically issued by the program after choosing the best price offer, and the program waits until the purchase order is approved to be sent by e-mail or printed.

Receipt, billing and payment cycle

دورة المشتريات

Receipt of the warehouse after examination, approval and registration of the addition permission.

Recording purchase invoices with the possibility of downloading them directly from purchase orders in order to save time and effort.

Adding all kinds of expenses related to the purchase document, specifying the method of their distribution in different ways.

The instantaneous effect on suppliers' statements of account when saving purchase invoices.

Determine the due date of each invoice and track the consequent ages of debts.

Recording the returns of purchases and stating the reason for the response and the subsequent impact on the accounts.

Linking purchase orders and documentary credits and cash and check payments.

Registering suppliers and evaluating the performance of suppliers

Recording all supplier data from tax file, commercial registry, supplier contact details and the people dealing with them. Linking the supplier to the catalog of items by registering the suppliers' registration. Adding the supplier's item code in the items directory so that the documents (request for quotation, purchase order, and purchase invoice) are compatible with the supplier. Extracting supplier performance reports in terms of commitment to supply in quantities and time periods.

Analytical purchases of suppliers with items

دورة المشتريات

Monthly item purchase report

دورة المشتريات

Procurement and supplier reports

Discounts on purchases

Detailed item purchases

Monthly Supplier Purchases

Monthly item purchases

Analytical purchases of suppliers with items

Analytical purchases of items with suppliers

Detailed payment of purchase invoices

Latest purchase prices

Trial Balance

Account statement

debt recovery


net daily purchases

Purchase History

Bid Record

Collecting purchase orders

Purchasing financial obligations

Register purchase orders

Follow up on purchase orders

Taxes on purchases

Deduction and Addition Tax Form

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