Who are we

DoubleClick is a leading company in the software industry - 25 years of experience

Click Enterprise is a leading company in the software industry. The company's headquarters is located in a privileged place in the heart of the capital, Cairo. It includes the departments of marketing, sales, technical support, programming, quality control, customer follow-up, financial and legal management, a company store, in addition to a laboratory for the production of the program.

Vision and Goal

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To be the first provider of software solutions in the Middle East.

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Providing its clients with world-class software technology that works to optimize processes and procedures, increase productivity and maintain client satisfaction.

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You can count on us with confidence

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Double Click is one of the world's leading programs in supporting and developing corporate management programs for more than fifteen years. During this period, we have built deep understandings of the sizes and types of needs that different businesses require. Using this premise, we began to continuously develop our products and services to suit the needs of customers.

And with more than 3,000 Double Click clients around the Arab countries such as: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. All of them rely on Double Click systems, which are always growing and developing in line with technological and administrative developments.

Double Click is a complete solution to manage your business from start to finish in order to grow and increase the size of your business.

The successful way to develop your business

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Double Click is one of the most successful systems designed to reach you with huge competitive capabilities. In the light of protecting your investments, you need more rapid progress in a simplified way by updating from one version to another in line with the requirements of expanding your business management.

With Double Click, you find all solutions that help you in automating distribution management, financial management, human resources, manufacturing, contracting programs, real estate investment and many others, all designed in an integrated way to reach the effective goals of your business by providing you with reports that help in making rational decisions.

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Sales Department

The role of the sales department begins after transferring customer data from the marketing department and is implemented through the following steps:

  • The seller's contact with the customer to learn about the needs and activity of the customer and the quality of the required programs.
  • Determine a visit to the customer to view the components and features of the program (Demo).
  • The success of the visual presentation (Demo) depends on the skill of the Pre Sales in the instant crystallization of the customer's requirements and their application through the program and its reports. This skill comes from the experience of Pre Sales and the company's success in making effective continuous courses on how to implement ERP programs for all sectors.
  • Provide the appropriate price offer to the customer.
  • After the customer is sure that the program meets his needs, the supply order is issued and then the licensing contract is signed.
  • The customer’s data is delivered to the installation department to inspect the devices and upload it to the server or the cloud and to the users’ devices
  • After downloading the programs, a memorandum is transferred to the Training and Application Department to make a training and application schedule and approved by the client to start implementing it
  • The client is followed up during the implementation period to ensure that the contracted programs are benefited from.

Note: Each stage of contracting, installation, training and application is delivered through receipt minutes signed and stamped by the customer.

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Technical support department

  • Voice Over IP And through the call center TeamViewer, the technical support department relies on the latest technologies to communicate with customers through
  • More than 20 specialists in the field of ERP communicate with our customers daily
  • To assess the level of service and the extent of customer satisfaction CRM for customer problems until their solution and record what was done on the Ticket program and it is opened
  • IT Technical support personnel have high experience in the field of accounting and
  • The team provides technical and technical advice to our clients, and they also have the ability to work under pressure and respond quickly to clients
  • To transfer clients to technical support personnel DoubleClick Note: There is a system that was invented in
  • In the picture, the red color means busy with a customer, and the green color means it is available to receive a new customer
  • A unified number for 10 lines is: 33368555
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Training and application department

The Training and Application Department performs the following tasks

  • Receiving the customer from the sales department, downloading the program, and delivering the download files for the basic data
  • Uploading the basic data, designing the client's publications, and preparing the database for work
  • Conducting a detailed meeting with the managers of the client’s departments and setting the work cycle and writing it on paper
  • Training users on the program according to the set work cycle, actual training with real data
  • Delivering and completing the client’s training and following up on the client periodically to ensure the actual client’s dependence on the program while providing the necessary advice to the client for the actual application of the company’s system
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Programming Department

The programming department performs the following tasks

  • Participate in the analysis and design of requests
  • Converting requests into actual programs using the latest programming languages, taking into account the application of international quality standards to reach the best product.
  • Conducting initial tests and treating all problems in preparation for handing over the programs to the Quality Department for a comprehensive and final test
  • Follow-up on everything new in the field of information technology and develop future plans for the development of Double Click products, which will always be a leader in the field of information technology
  • Providing information and documents that help the rest of the company's departments to provide the best training, application and technical support to customers
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Quality section

  • The concept of total quality management is one of the modern administrative concepts that aim to continuously improve and develop performance by responding to market requirements. The role of the quality department depends on creating a cooperative form of business performance that depends on the joint capabilities of the department’s employees, with the aim of continuous and comprehensive improvement of the program’s performance in the technical aspects Accounting and facilitating the user's work on the program
  • One of the most important objectives of quality management is to develop the quality of the program by examining and testing the program before it reaches the customer so that it becomes of the highest quality and without defects while achieving a reduction in costs and reducing wasted time and effort to improve the program provided to customers and gain their satisfaction

Who are we

DoubleClick is a leading company in the software industry - 25 years of experience

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